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NuEra GreenTies

“Global activity across passenger and freight rail networks is estimated to triple by 2050.”-International Energy Agency

Yet, much of the global aging rail infrastructure is built with materials that require high maintenance, frequent replacement and the use of chemicals to prevent fast deterioration.

100% Circular

GreenTies are made from recycled materials, manufactured via energy-efficient processes, and transformed at the end of their lifecycle to be re-integrated into the system.

Recycled Plastic

Cost Optimized

GreenTies have a lower total cost of ownership than other materials when you take into account the reduced need for maintenance, replacement, and disposal.

Vibration Absorbent

GreenTies have higher vibration absorbency than other commonly used materials, which protects communities from harmful noise pollution.

Train on a Bridge
Railway Worker

Long Lifespan

GreenTies are made to last. Their usual lifespan ranges between 30 and 50 years, exceeding the natural life of existing options.

Compatible & Versatile

GreenTies were designed to be used with existing railroad systems, making them easy to install and transition towards.


Proven Technology

Composite ties have been  successfully implemented for over 60 years around the globe and across a variety of environmental conditions.

Consignment Option

The end-of-life recapture approach will be offered as an option for companies wishing to take advantage of it.

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